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A Quick Weekend Getaway

So the last couple of weeks have been EXTREMELY busy for us!  The only boat work that has been done, is the replacement of all halogen light bulbs, with LED’s.  We are still desperately looking for a matching laminate flooring for our 1999 Lagoon 410… (Hint Hint… HELP! suggestions appreciated) , but I think we're going to have to lay a new floor down since they no longer make the one we have now.

We've have been working a ton during the week, and had made plans for this past weekend a while ago. Matt has been helping his company get ready for the Annapolis Boat Shows and my time is non-existent lately! We moved aboard to simplify things and it seems like things have gotten even more hectic!

We went to Ohiopyle Pennsylvania on Friday night and went white water rafting with some friends on Saturday.  On Sunday, (which happened to by my birthday!), Matt surprised me and took a detour to Fallingwater, the famous Frank Lloyd Wright house, which was about 10 miles north of where we were staying.  It was AMAZING! I've always loved his architecture & mid-century modern design and seeing this house in person was just the coolest. After touring the home, we made one more stop to do a short hike to a water fall called Cucumber Falls. It was absolutely beautiful and worth the quick detour.

BTW - White Water Rafting was literally the scariest thing I've done in a looooong time. My knees were shaking as we boarded the raft and every inch of me wanted to get back in that bus and meet them at the pick up point. But I hung in there (literally - everyone in our raft got thrown out at some point except for me) and embraced the ride.

(if you look real close in the first pic I think I'm about to say something that rhymes with “duck”)

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