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Blue Angels Show

We experienced a real Annapolitan treat last week:  the Blue Angles flight show, put on as part of the Naval Academy graduation week.  This is a pretty big deal around town and we were excited to have a font row seat for the action for the first time ever.

People were out in full force this year, especially since the show had been cancelled the past few years due to budget cuts. We knew we would have to get there pretty early to get a good spot, so we meandered over around 9:00 in the morning, set anchor and went about our day of relaxing. Matt has taken to a new perch in the mainsail stack pack. Doesn’t he look like Huck Finn?  He just needs a big straw hat pulled down low on his head.

Good thing we go there super early, because around 11:00, boats really started coming in.  At first, it was a few larger boats, then the medium sized cruisers and sailboats, then just before the show started, all of these small boat and kayakers filled in any remaining open space. Pretty soon, our once empty harbor was packed.  It made for some great people watching, that’s for sure!

The show started promptly at 2:00 and lasted nearly an hour.  I attempted some video to capture just how amazing it was.  I haven’t figured out how to embed the actual video, so you’ll just have to settle for the links below.  These jets were flying at warp speed to low and close to you that your body literally vibrated.  Let me warn you, I use the words “Wow” and “Awesome” repeatedly.  ‘Cause it was.

We were worried that all of the noise and excitement would put the dogs on edge.  Boy were we wrong.  Didn’t even phase them. Looks like they’ve adjusted to life on a boat pretty well.

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