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Bummin' Around G-Town

Hello there.  Yes, we’re still alive.  I know… I’ve been such a slacker in posting lately.  I’d blame it on the hit-or-miss Internet connection down here in the Bahamas, but I’d be a liar.  Truth is, we’ve been having such a great time just soaking up the surf and sun the past week, that blogging has been the last thing on my mind.  I keep reminding myself (or rather, Matt’s been reminding me) that this is a journal of our trip and that I really need to do a post, so here goes.

Exactly what have we been up to?  Not much actually.  We dropped Tim & Mischelle off in George Town two weeks ago, and have been hanging around town waiting for our next visitor – Jeremy Beall! – to fly in.  He was supposed to arrive today, but a major snowstorm postponed his flight by a day.  Bummer.

Snow?  What’s that all about?  I keep asking people to send me pictures of a snowman in return for a shot of a sandman.  No takers yet.  I’m guessing they don’t think it’s as funny as we do.

We have Alex and Char on board again.  They made us shepherds pie for dinner the other night, and boy it was delicious.  Aside from their amazing culinary skills, it’s been so much fun having another (young) couple to cruise with.  Crazy to think we just met them a few weeks ago.  Seems like we’ve known them forever.  Char is so sweet and funny, and Alex… well, who wouldn’t love a guy who’s able to rock a beard like that?  I think him and Matt have a bromance brewing, however I think they’ll adamantly deny anything of the sort.  To say it’s been a great few weeks would be an understatement.  Looks like we’ve made friends for life.

We’ve been hanging out here at the Emerald Bay Marina, just north of George Town for the past week.  At less than a dollar a foot and free laundry, it was a no brainer.  Plus, it’s affiliated with the Sandals resort, so it’s probably the nicest marina we’ve found in our travels through the Bahamas. A place so nice and so affordable, and we hardly see anyone out and about.  It’s sorta weird.  We’ve been taking advantage of it by completely dominating the clubhouse during our stay.  Every night at 8:00 we take our laptop to the lounge and stream at least two episodes of the latest season of House of Cards.  Our own little movie nights.  Matt even brought our microwave up to the lounge the other night so we could make popcorn.  We really have no shame.  I guess it’s a popular thing, because another cruising couple and one of the security guards have been joining us at our nightly viewings.  Unfortunately for us, the guard has never seen the series and is constantly asking questions during the episodes.  We all try to ignore him thinking he would get the hint and be quiet, but he never does.  The last episode showed Frank Underwood defacing a religious artifact, which seemed to seriously offend the guard, so I don’t think he’ll be back for any more viewings.  Oh well.  At least we don’t have to sit through his questions anymore.  Oh, and there’s a billiards room.  I swear, I haven’t played this much pool since college.  Life has been really, really hard the past few days, I’m telling you.

A funny thing happen the other day as I was walking up to do laundry.  I was wearing my Natty Boh t-shirt, which is like a Baltimore icon, and a couple stopped me and asked if I was from Baltimore.  I said yes…. not from Baltimore actually, but Annapolis.  Turns out they’re from Severna Park and used to live in our old neighborhood!  How freaking crazy is that?  Meeting neighbors from our old hood all the way down here in the Bahamas!  They invited us onto their boat (which was GORGEOUS, by the way…. clearly the other half has it much better than us!), and we spent the night reminiscing over MD and discovering all of the friends we had in common.  Mike & Trish – thank you for an amazing evening and can’t wait to see you again soon!

Lot’s of beach days for us this week.  We have the Sandals beach and a small private beach right at the marina to choose from.  We went to the private beach the other day and were accosted by a very friendly pitbull named Ryder.  That’s his owner in the background.  Apparently he wasn’t throwing Ryder’s toy enough and Ryder came over to solicit us for some help.  Matt gave it a few throws and had a friend for the rest of the afternoon.  Tough life, we know.

We splurged and bought a day pass to Sandals the other day.  We ate and drank like kings, making the price totally worth it.  Another lobster tail?  Absolutely!  Another wine?  No… I’m sick of wine…. make that a pina colada.  Oh, you want us to participate in a couples balloon toss?  For a bottle of rum?  We think we can spare 15 minutes for that.  (We won, by the way).  For twelve hours straight, we WERE the other half, and man, it felt great.  And they had a HUGE pool, which we had been dreaming about after many days of picking sand out of every crevice imaginable.  KINGS, I tell you.  Kings!

And I’ll leave you with a new skill Matt’s acquired.  Cutting open fresh coconuts.  He’s a natural.

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