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Carpe-in' the Diem

We were catching up on one of our favorite websites the other day – – and were inspired by their latest post talking about how they’ve been living the dream for a decade now.  A decade!  They just decided one day to change their lives, bought a boat and began their adventure.  And they’re still going at it 10 years later.  This is the very same site that we stumbled upon almost a year ago and became instantly hooked, reading thru nine years of blogs in about a month.

About six months after discovering their site, we too had sold nearly everything, bought a boat, and have started our adventure at sea (well, we’re technically still in the Bay, but those details don’t really matter, do they?).  

We love the fact that they seized the opportunity to change their lives, which is the part that really inspired us. Instead of going thru the charade of routine every day for the rest of our lives (what a daunting and depressing thought!) we’re living life one decade at a time.  In our 30’s we’re trying out the whole sailing thing.  We’re not trying to circumnavigate the world, but bouncing around in the Bahamas a few months out of the year sounds pretty cool to us.  In our 40’s?  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll move back onto solid ground and become organic chicken farmers.  We’re open to anything the future may bring and that’s the beauty of it.  We’ve changed the way we view life and are squeezing every drop out of every day.

Matt posted a short comment on their site and put our humble blog address on it.  By the end of the day we had 1,800 hits.  Wow.  We were floored! I’m sure that’s just a pale shadow of the traffic that Bum gets, but we’ll take it!  This little blog is a way for us to document our journey for ourselves… anyone who chooses to follow along gives us that much more incentive to keep on going.

Any good plans for the weekend? We get to tear up the rotting floor in our saloon.  Oh yes, the adventure is definitely underway. Stay tuned…

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