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Change of Address - Part II

Determined not to let Wednesday’s attempt to discourage us, we packed up our sh*t (again) and shoved off. Of course after making sure that our space was definitely unoccupied.

It felt so great to have the boat in motion again.  Being tied to the dock unable to move while living in a plastic bubble for the last 5 months gave us a mild case of sensory deprivation. Even Yingling seemed to be enjoying herself, and normally she’s all worked up by this point and is shaking and salivating like crazy.   She definitely does NOT enjoy the feeling of the boat moving like we do. Corona, on the other hand, could care less. Go figure.

We cruised out to the edge of the creek to have a good look at the Bay and the Bay bridge and to run the boat a bit.  On the way back in we had some fun in the creek and did a few 360’s to see how quick the boat could turn on a dime.

Yeah, we’re wild, we know.

Look at our set up here…. doesn’t it look like we’re the nautical version of the Beverly Hillbillies?

Look at all of that crap that we had to detach/unhook/re situate in order to move.

What’s that up there on the trampoline, you ask?  How ’bout a snow shovel, boat hook, 6 fenders (3 of which were partially deflated), dock steps and extra line.

Oh wait, let’s take a look at what’s behind us…. more lines, about 20 feet of cable wire that we’ve fished down thru on of the hatches in our port head, shore power cords, a telescoping dog ramp and an incredibly dirty shag rug.  Hmmmm… I think we may need to do a bit of Spring cleaning.

After we settled into our spot we took the dinghy out for a spin.  As in I.. Deanna… took it for a spin with Matt as my passenger.  I asked Matt if he took and pictures of me taking charge and he said I needed to get out there a few more times before I’m able to get the recognition of a picture on the blog.  Oh, Snap!

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