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Closing Time!

Well, it’s officially official… we are the proud owners of a 1999 Lagoon 410 catamaran!

We closed this morning and it’s finally, actually ours. It still hasn’t sunk in that we bought a boat and will be sailing it back to Annapolis in about 24 hours.  We’ve been planning and dreaming about this day for so long… a serious build up for something that all just happened so quickly.  Sort of anti-climatic.

(Rereading that sentence it occurred to me that using the word ‘sunk’ to describe any part of the boat may be a bad thing. Whoops).

The actual closing was about 30 minutes and involved much less paperwork than buying a house and was pretty non eventful.  The best part was Matt and I sitting in the conference room right before we got started …

Matt: “So, you ready?”

Me: “Yeah!  I just need to get on the boat to get a feel for how to do things”

Matt: “Like what?  Sailing is pretty easy.”

Me: “So, if you’re going along against the wind, how do you get to your destination?”

Matt: “Against the wind, you can just motor. If you’re going with the wind then you can sail.”

Me: “But what if the wind is coming at a different angle than the way you need to go?”

Matt: “Then you tack back and forth in order to get to your destination.”

Me: “I still don’t get it.”

Then our broker Tim and finance lady Lisa came in and we proceeded to purchase a boat with limited knowledge on how to operate it. Gotta start somewhere, right?  Go big or go home! Ha!

Looking forward to the day that we replay that conversation lying on a beach somewhere in the Bahamas and laugh about how green we were.

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