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Failure to Launch

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Well, today was supposed to be the big day that we took the boat out for the first time since bringing her back up from NC (I can’t believe its almost been a month already!).  Route determined: Severn River.  Check.  Friends invited as an extra set of deck hands. Check. Oil changed. Check.  We were all ready to go.

And then… Matt pulled his back out.  Yep.

Friday night it was pouring rain and he was trying to hurry up and straighten up the cockpit area.  He leaned over to grab the ramp we use to get the dogs on and off the boat and twisted around and that was all it took.  He’s been hobbling around in pain since.  We’re thinking it’s sciatica, a pinched nerve in his lower back.  He’s in a lot of pain and can’t seem to get comfortable.  So, to play it safe, we grounded the plans for today.  Rather wait one more weekend and hope he feels better than head out just because we feel like we have to and he ends up hurting more.

So today we’re taking it easy and getting ready for the work week.  I am cleaning like crazy, which I loooove. Seriously, it’s a sickness.  I have a toothbrush, sponge, some vinegar and water and am getting all up in every nook and cranny of this boat scrubbing.  Who knew what a great cleaning product vinegar was? We moved aboard with a whole arsenal of bleach sprays and windex and multi purpose cleaners, but vinegar and water beat them all hands down.  

We’re planning to go to the pool later this afternoon and lounge / do laundry (the laundry facilities are located right next to the pool… convenient, no?).  Hoping that the water will give Matt some relief from his back pain.  Poor baby.

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