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Fenwick Island

This weekend we took a trip to visit Matt’s dad and step mom at their house in Fenwick Island, Delaware. We settled on our house last Wednesday (finally), and wanted to get some family/beach time in before the wave of boat projects start up again.  Surprisingly, it felt sorta strange to not be be homeowners anymore.  I expected to feel more indifferent, considering we’ve been on the boat for over a year now.  I guess cutting that one last tie made our situation seem so much more… permanent.  Not that we’re regretting our decision to live aboard for one minute… its just that we no longer have the option of moving back into the house, and back into our old life. As Boyz II Men put it so eloquently back in 1991, It’s so hard…. to say goodbye… to yesterday.

After an hour at the beach I got over it.  We’re in total countdown mode now.

One thing I love about spending time at Jim & Patty’s place is that it’s so darn relaxing.  They retired to the beach, so they wake up to paradise everyday. With them, there’s never any rush to try to cram in everything in a single week, which makes everything more relaxed (read: lazy) when were there.  We sleep in until 9:00, spend another hour sitting on the couch talking (usually trying to figure out what day it is), then mosey on about our day.  No aggressive agendas about places to go or things to do.  We start our day with no plan, and do whatever we want, whenever the mood strikes.  At night we caught up on our favorite Netflix shows – Orange is the New Black and House of Cards – since our subscription expired and streaming movies is damn near impossible with our marina wi-fi. We’ll have to pick back up when we visit again in September. God I miss you, Comcast.

Love sitting on their back deck and watching the sun set….  It reminds us to slow down and enjoy the NOW.

We drove down the coast to Ocean City, Maryland for a day on the boardwalk.  Man, that place has gone downhill. We must have past a hundred shops blaring rap or hardcore reggae selling the same dumb shirts with a Jersey Shore reference on them.  Or bars with crowds of drunk fortysomethings hanging by the door chain smoking.  Or maybe they were twentysomethings that’ve lived a hard life.  Did I mention it was noon?  Ugh.  Sorry to all of you who just love this place… my family included.  Places like this just give me an anxiety attack these days.  A deserted tiki bar on some Bahamian island is now my version of the perfect vacation.  Sorry Maryland, but the Delaware beaches totally win this one. However, that's just our opinion and you know that they say about opinions....

Back up in Delaware, we stopped at this ice cream place in Rehoboth Beach that had the most interesting flavors.  I got a scoop of This Ish Is Off The Hook, which is basically Crack with some chocolate chips and caramel in it.  Matt went more traditional with an Almond Joy and Cookies & Cream mix.  I would have gotten the Better Than Sex, but after tasting how good the other flavors were, I was afraid that it might actually be true.

Since we didn’t have to rush home, we took our time, driving the back roads and stopping at local produce stands for fresh tomatoes and peaches.  We bought the biggest watermelon I’ve ever seen on impulse.  Now I need to figure out what the heck to do with the thing.  It must weight 10lbs.

We stopped for dinner at a place called the Jetty just before the Bay Bridge.  The food was just OK, but the view was incredible.  Anyplace that we can be this close to the water is where we want to be.  Sorta reminds us of home… the floating kind :)

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