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Foxfire gets Sold

Well, after just over ONE MONTH of being on the market, we have a buyer for Foxfire. We honestly can't believe it happened so quickly. Probably should have listed it for more! Ha! As excited as we are about the next part of our life as Key West-ers, we're having a much harder time than we thought we would with the whole sale. In fact, the day before survey, we were onboard cleaning & prepping the boat, and were trying to think of every way possible to keep her. If slips would have been more plentiful (and affordable) in KW, we'd still be living aboard... It was a great life (and no cold winter to struggle through!). Seriously, we racked our brains trying desperately to think of ANYTHING. But, alas, we need to think of what's best for the boat and sitting around on a mooring ball being used maybe once a month isn't what a boat was designed for. Plus, not having to pay the mortgage and mooring fee would be really nice, seeing that we burned thru our cruising kitty and need the funds to start over. Also, everything on the boat was working perfectly and the reality is, if we were to keep her, we'd be facing some pretty big repairs that are inevitable on a 16 year old boat.

The Buyer is taking the boat to Marco Island on the Gulf Coast of FL and will be using it for personal use and sunset charters. Sounds like a perfect fit. He's even keeping the name, which we thought was really cool. We've already friended him on Facebook so that we can keep tabs on the boat (is that creepy?) Who knows, if HE ever wants to sell her, we'd certainly be interested in buying her back. She was a great boat and served us well in our travels. It's been a tough transition - seeing her up in the slings almost had me crying - but she was exactly what we needed at that time in our lives and has allowed us to have an adventure of a lifetime which has opened so many new doors for us that we never thought were possible. We thank her for that and will be forever grateful for our experience aboard.

Meanwhile in Key West, we attended our first Gay Pride parade. What the heck are we in for living down here?!

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