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Full Circle

Lots of changes have been happening in the past month for team Sansbury!  The biggest being that we’ve returned home from Key West and are living in Annapolis again!  Wait… What?!

We get it… February probably isn’t the most ideal time to leave a tropical paradise and take up residency in an area that just got hit with a record-breaking snowstorm.  And we definitely weren’t prepared for just how cold 40 degrees actually feels like.  Let’s be honest, we’ve been calling our sweatshirts “outerwear” for the past two years, and our feet feel uncomfortably confined in anything other than flip flops.  However, even in our gilded cage of the tropics, we really, *really*, missed our family and friends and nothing – not even sipping a mojito while watching a famous Key West sunset – could replace the fact that it just wasn’t home to us.  So, we made the decision to leave, packed up the U-Haul, hopped on I-95, and drove north as fast as we could until the palm trees turned into stick trees and the flat sandy beaches gave way to hills of dead brown grass.  God, how we missed it.

Bimini did GREAT on the long car ride from KW to MD. She actually even liked the snow! All is right in the world as long as she has her puppy Kong!

Will we ever return to KW? Absolutely. We don’t regret our decision to live there one bit.  It’s a nice entry onto our life resume, logged right after 1.selling everything and 2.sailing our catamaran through the Bahamas.  However, we found that while it’s a great place to visit, it wasn’t the best place (for us at least) to make roots and live. KW is a wild, crazy, uninhibited place…. all things that can either strike you as being completely awesome (as a tourist) or completely annoying (as a resident).  Our time there can best be described as “the lost months” since we were fresh off our sailing trip and weren’t quite ready to enter back into reality as we formerly knew it.  It kinda felt like we were drifting for a while. What we learned is that sometimes you need to lose yourself in order to find yourself. And find ourselves we did… it was an awesome time in our lives and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Which brings us to the second part of our exciting news!  We’ve returned to work at Annapolis Yacht Sales, the very same company that we bought our Lagoon catamaran from a few years ago.  Talk about coming full circle! Our sailing adventure has introduced us to such a fascinating lifestyle and lead us to so many opportunities and great people along the way.  There really is nothing better than a day spent on the water with the wind at your back, the sun on your face and the sound of a sailboat sliding gracefully through the waves.  It’s a drug and we’re hooked.

We’re become quite the power team with Matt returning into his role in the service department and me on the sales end as a yacht broker.  I’ll sell ’em and he’ll service ’em!  Ha!  It’s a very exciting endeavor for us and we’re beyond excited to be working together and alongside a team of people who are absolute rockstars both in the office and on the water.

Not a bad place to play every day, no?  Most of the boats are still tucked away under their winter shrink wrap, but spring is just around the corner and pretty soon these cocoons will unveil the beautiful Beneteau sailboats that lie waiting inside.

I swear, Matt’s space is the best looking area in the shop.  He even found a huge Beneteau light up sign to hang as a piece of art.  I’m trying to convince him that it would look great in our dining room.  He’s got a good eye, that one does!

And let’s not forget about our Bimini bear, the yard’s cutest shop apprentice.  We bring her with us in the afternoon, where she sniffs around the shop and keeps a close eye on Dad while he’s out in the yard working on boats.

Pretty cool, right?  We’re so happy to be back and are beyond grateful that life just keeps getting more interesting for us.

If you’re looking for a way to get out on the water this season or are interested in upgrading or selling your boat please let me know!  Call me at 410.629.9186. We’ve have a TON of both new and used boats in the yard now and more are coming on the market everyday!  If you enjoy reading about our adventures, then perhaps now is the time to have one of your own!  

Don’t just Wanderlust… get out and DO IT!

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