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Is Winter over Yet?

Well, we really had a trifecta this week.  On Tuesday, winter storm Janus graced us with her presence, bringing us 6+ inches of snow.  Then we had a second polar vortex on Wednesday, which caused temps to plummet into the single digits, freezing the hose that brings water from the main marina house down the dock to the boats.  Ugh.  This winter is really wearing us down.

This is what happens to warm, wet hands when temps are absurdly cold.  Kinda trippy, right?

They’re in the process of repairing the water hose, so we stocked up on a few large jugs of water for washing dishes, cooking, etc.  We still have some water in our tanks, so we’re making it work.  Meanwhile, the creek is slowly transforming itself into a big block of ice that just wont go away.

And I ask… is January over yet?

At least some of us are enjoying the cold temps.  I swear – they must have polar bear in their blood or something, because this weather doesn’t even phase them.  We only last about 3-4 stick throws before our faces feel like they’re frozen solid.  Not Corona.  She could keep chasing that stick for hours..

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