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It's Snowing... Again

Yet another snowstorm hit the east coast today.  Winter storm Pax.  We only got around 10 inches, but just north and west of us had nearly 2 feet.  It’s almost ridiculous how cold and snowy this winter has been, and we still have a month to go.  For the record, March 20th is the first day of Spring. Not like we’re counting down or anything.

We’re finally getting used to seeing icebergs in the water and hearing them bump up against our boat all night long.  Pretty sad.  Because the shrink wrap covers the salon windows and the view out the back of the boat, we really have no idea what’s going on until we unzip the hatch and step outside.  It’s bizarre.  I really can’t wait to take it off so I can look outside and get my bearings again.

I was reading some online posts about Annapolis weather and found one from last year where some guy commented that he had lived in the area for five years and the winters are so mild that ‘you rarely, very rarely, need to shovel’. Ha. I hope he invested in one this year.  We sure are glad we decided to bring ours with us from the house.  We never imagined we’d need it as much as we have.

Since we’re the last boat at the end of the dock, Matt usually has to shovel about 50 feet of pier until we join up with the main pier where the rest of the liveaboards are.  I once counted the number of steps from our boat to the parking lot and I lost count at over 200.  The parking lot and bath house is the building right above his head in the picture below.  It’s a hike.

See that board on the pier across from our steps?  Matt had to put that up to prevent the dogs from sliding off the pier when they come down their ramp from the boat.  We almost lost Yingling during our first snow storm.  She hopped down from the ramp, hit the icy pier, and nearly slid off the other side.  Matt caught her harness and was able to pull her back up.  After that, we put up a barrier to stop them from taking an unwanted swim.

At least the dogs seem to be unaffected by the weather.  They just love to run in the snow.  Their tolerance for the cold weather is proving to me much stronger than ours.

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