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It Was a Shitty Situation

Shit happens… literally.  And on the first day we had her back in Annapolis, no less!


We noticed Sunday morning that the, shall we say, content level, in our one toilets was unusually high. Like to the point where it may actually overflow, leaving us with a nasty mess on our bathroom floor.

We fumbled around on the VHF to contact the Harbor Master for the pump out boat schedule.  The pump out boat is exactly what it sounds like, a small boat with a tank on the front that makes it’s way around to the marinas to pump out the contents of their holding tanks.  

Yeah, and you thought your job stinks.

They came, we got our first pump out lesson, and thought it was a done deal.  Problem solved!  Until a few hours later when the toilet was semi full again.  WTF?  

After some further investigation and a consultation from one of our neighbors, we got it figured out.  Turns out, the residual, content, was draining back down into our toilet from the hose that connects it to the holding tank above.  We’ll need to replace a valve to keep the tank contents in the tank and not all over our floor.  

This is the first of many boat repairs to come, no doubt.  Just wasn’t expecting the honeymoon to be over so soon!  What a way to meet your neighbor for the first time... with their head in your toilet!

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