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Mahi Time!

Caught a fish yesterday! Matt proved that, in fact, he is NOT a Jonah. We’re pretty excited because it’s our first edible fish aboard Foxfire! Our past two catches were a Craville Jack and a big ol’ Barracuda. Both duds. So, this catch was a pretty big deal!

After loosing one hit earlier in the day, Matt was able to catch us a big, bright, beautiful Mahi Mahi. He took nearly half a bottle of vodka to sedate before he stopped fighting. This whole fishing thing might get expensive. These big boys aren’t cheap dates!

We got lucky in an area called the Tongue of the Ocean, just west of Nassau, where our depth was somewhere around 8,000 ft deep. Pretty crazy considering our depths across the Grand Bahama Bank the day before was just 10-15 ft.

While Matt handled the catch it/kill it/cut it part and I tackled the clean it/cook it part.  The result was nothing short of delicious!  I bet you can guess what we had for dinner when we pulled into Nassau last night!

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