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New Uses for Old Things

If you’re looking at this picture and wondering if that’s a cut off Salisbury University soccer tee circa 2000, then let me put your mind at ease.  Yes.  Yes, it is!  It’s currently being re-purposed as a cover for one of our fenders – a new use for an old thing that we discovered around midnight last night.

Let me explain…

For those of you not familiar with the sound a rubber fender makes as 16,000 lb boat crushes up against it, let me enlighten you.  You know that horrible squeaky sound a balloon makes when you rub it? Take that times five hundred, and amplify the sound by about a million decibels.  It’s the kind of sound that wakes you up from a sound sleep in the middle of the night completely startled and wondering what the hell is going on.  Then you realize what it is, and argue as to whose turn it is to go out and adjust the fender to make that god awful noise stop.  I can only relate this to what I imagine parents of newborns go thru every night for the first year of their child's life.  God bless them.  And God bless Matt, as he is usually the one who gets to pull himself from our warm and cozy bed and venture outside in the elements to fix the fender.

As for that stylish fender cover?  I’m not sure whose it is or where we got it, considering neither of us actually went to Salisbury.  Its amazing at how well that tee is holding up considering it’s been nearly 15 years since it’s college days.  Hopefully a few days moonlighting as a fender cover won’t be the death of it.  Because if we have another night of that horrible noise might be the death of us!

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