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Off the Dock & On the Move!

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

So we did it!

We’re off the dock and have officially started our trip South.  It feels really good to have done the one thing that everyone warned us would be the hardest to do… To just leave!  I admit, with the stress we’ve been under the past few weeks preparing for our trip, saying our farewells, and trying to imagine what our new life would be like, there were quite a few conversations about pushing our departure date back a few days but I’m so glad we stuck to the plan and just did it!

Yesterday morning we woke up early, took one last loooong shower at the Marina (god, I’m going to miss unlimited water), and began to gather our things for our departure.  It actually felt just like any other morning, which was sort of anti climatic.  Not sure what I was expecting – a marching band to send us off??  We filled up our water tank, brought our bikes onboard, pulled off all of our lines and fenders that have been tying us down for the past year and a half (literally and figuratively), and pulled around to the fuel dock to fill up our main tanks and the six extra jerry cans we have on deck.  Our old spot looked so empty and lonely.

As soon as we made it out if our creek and into the bay, we were greeted with a southerly wind that sent waves slamming into the front of the boat. Not the most comfortable ride, but enjoyable because... WE DID IT!  We left the dock and are on our way! We popped open a bottle of champagne and had some celebratory mimosas as we watched Annapolis and the stress we’ve been feeling lately disappear behind us.

We didn’t go far… Just to the next river south, to anchor and spend a few quiet days relaxing and getting used to living on the boat on the water. It sounds silly, but we just need some time to decompress and soak it all in. We’re not trying to make it south in record time. It’s all about the journey and not the destination for us.  Not a bad view for the next few days…

Good thing were not too far away, because we’ve already had to troubleshoot some problems with the boat. The new auto pilot Matt installed was slowly leaking hydraulic fluid and we had to make a trip to West Marine to get some new seals among other things.  Good thing we brought our bikes with us! It was a tight ride, but everyone fit!

Today we’re going to work on getting the boat back in order.  Our front cabin is a hot mess of tools, provisions, extra cushions, and everything else we’ve been stashing down there to keep our main living area somewhat functional during the last two weeks of chaos.  We want to get everything organized and stowed away so we know what we have and where it is in case we need it.  There’s a nor’easter off the coast which is supposed to heavy rain and winds tomorrow. They’re sort of a good luck thing for us – we had a huge one blow through the day we got married – so I’m not stressing out about it.  I look at it as Mother Nature’s way of sending us off.

We’ll be here until the weather clears up on Thursday, then off to Solomon’s Island for our next stop. It’s getting pretty cold, so we’re hoping to get into VA/NC within the week to get to warmer temperatures! Just chasin’ the tail of the sun…

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