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Quiet on the Set!

Wow, if last week was BUSY, this week is BUSIER.  Just the fact that we haven’t posted in over a week should be a sign that we’ve been going fast and furious lately.

We took a (brief) break last weekend and did something very cool and totally unexpected… we participated in a commercial for Maine Cottage on a brand new Beneteau Sense 50.  Maine Cottage is a cute little boutique featuring high end coastal home decor and furniture.  Think Pottery Barn meets Nantucket.  They have some awesome stuff, albeit a little out of our league.  I was ogling a pillow and noticed the price had three numbers on the tag.  I reluctantly stopped petting it and gently put it down, hoping that maybe I’ll be able to score something at a discount if they ever have a sample sale.

See that boat behind Matt?  That was the chase boat with the photographers on it.  It sorta felt like we were being chased by paparazzi.  You know… ’cause it happens to us all the time.

Matt was a little nervous going at it solo and called his friend Collin, who is an avid sailor, in for reinforcement.  It’s only a brand new half million dollar yacht on the line. No pressure or anything.  Clearly the guys from his work don’t read this blog and don’t know how new we actually are to the whole sailing thing. I’ve got to give him credit though, he did do an incredible job maneuvering that haus thru a narrow and congested creek.  Once we got out in the Bay though, Collin took the helm and Matt was pure eye candy. Back off ladies… he’s all mine.

It got awkward a few times when they instructed us to “act natural” then told us to just  start laughing. How does someone “act natural”? Isn’t that an oxymoron?  We’re definitely not cut out for the whole acting thing..  Guess we’ll just stick to our day jobs.

We really enjoyed playing Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous for the morning.  If only Robin Leach could have narrated our outing.  That would have been beyond awesome. Too bad we’re neither Rich or Famous. Technicalities.

Until then, champagne wishes and caviar dreams…

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