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We had our boat shrink wrapped the other day, another step in preparing for the cold winter months ahead.  This creates a sort of cocoon that not only gives us additional living space by enclosing the cockpit area, but it gives additional insulation to the boat as well.

Sorta looks like a circus tent from the front, doesn’t it?

And yes, the Salisbury Soccer Tee is still moonlighting as a fender cover.  We bought additional black covers to match the others, but haven’t gotten around to replacing it yet.  Maybe this weekend.

We asked for clear wrap to be put on the back so we could still make out the view of the creek – the view is a bit distorted, but at least it’s not a big white wall.  Also, with it lets a lot more light filter thru than the white wrap.

Here’s a before & after for comparison:

I love the fact that we can put a heater out here and enjoy this space again.  As I’m typing, I have the sliding glass doors wide open so both the indoor and outdoor spaces feel like one.  We’re going to add shelves by putting wood boards across the steel dinghy supports for even more storage.  Can’t wait to get some Christmas lights and a tree up in here! This boat is going to feel all sorts of warm and cozy here soon!

Another unexpected bonus of the wrap is that our front windows are covered, meaning that we were finally able to get rid of those god awful teal microsuede curtains since we no longer need them for privacy.  One of our winter projects (one of the MANY) is to reupholster both the curtains and the cushions in a fabric with a little less flair. Perhaps we can use our newfound space as a workshop?

Finally, an update to our recent odor post.  We ended up blasting the drain in our fridge to clear out any gunk living in there, and added some CP to get rid of any odor.  Stands for Cleans Potties – seriously.  The stuff we’re learning, I swear!  Our Ionic Pro Turbo arrived within a week and has been hard at work neutralizing the air.   It’s smelling pretty good in here now!  

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