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SpinSheet Spectacular!

O.M.G.  We’ve made it….

Into SpinSheet, THE leading sailing publication on the Chesapeake Bay.

Let me tell you how crazy it is to see your name in print.  Mind = Blown.  And even crazier to think that people actually find our story interesting enough to write an article about it.  Too freakin’ cool.

Well I suppose if you’re reading this right now, you also find our story interesting enough to follow. Noted.

So, if there’s anyone who’s been directed to our blog because of the article: Well, Hello!  We hope to entertain and inspire you enough to maybe do the same some day.  Maybe you’re just interested to see if we’ll fall flat on our faces once we pull away from the dock.  Fair enough.  Either way, Welcome!

Check out our article here (it starts on page 84), or pick up your very own copy at any boating store or sailing facility today!

If the pdf takes forever to load, you can try going to the Spinsheet website to read the latest issue online here.

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