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Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here to stay and we couldn’t be happier.  I think I’ve mentioned that in pretty much every post since the temps started staying above 30 degrees with some sort of consistency, but it feels great to know that it’s actually here for good.

The first few days of 50 degree weather made me anxious to haul out my summer storage bags and begin hunting for my flip flops. Time to let the toes breathe again! Seeing all of my summer clothes in their bright colors made me want to put away my drab grey wool for good… Probably a good time for some spring cleaning and organizing.

One of the top questions we get asked is about the closet situation on the boat.  It’s hard to imagine where all your stuff goes when you have half the space….  it only works if you actually get rid of half your stuff and make every item pull at least double duty.  I figured I’d take the opportunity to snap a few pics of the storage situation in the bedrooms while it was looking super neat and tidy.

Each bedroom has a closet with a section for hanging and one for folding.  I’ve added some storage bins at the top for small things like socks and underwear.  

Everything I have is either in that closet or or in the teal bins on the bed area.  I definitely couldn’t fill up a closet in a normal house with what I’m down to now.  There’s also a small cabinet under the hatch (where the green boots are) that I keep shoes in.  Anything not in season I put in those vacuum bags and suck the air out of them until they look like beef jerky.  They take up hardly any room and they also keep your clothes nice and fresh if you drop a dryer sheet into the bag before you close it.

Being streamlined is key and we’ve found ways to be creative in maximizing every inch of space.

I’ve also realized that I may have a slight addiction to candles and lip balm.

The view from the bed looking into the hull and the bathroom.  The steps up to the salon are to the left and the door at the end of the hull is another berth (we use that as a pantry).  Matt’s side is identical.  This means that Matt has his own space and – even in a boat – we don’t need to co-mingle our clothes.  In every house we’ve lived in we’ve kept our clothes and by default, our messes, separate. That fact alone is truly the secret to a happy marriage for us.

Homey, isn’t it?  We love it.

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