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Spring... Is that YOU?

It’s 62 degrees outside and life, my friends, is all good.  The temperature on our little outdoor thermometer measured 77 degrees out in the cockpit.  The clear shrink wrap has quite the greenhouse effect when it’s above 50 and sunny out.  I think it’s a bogus read, but just seeing numbers that don’t begin with a 1 or 2 makes me downright giddy.

Isn’t it amazing what some warm weather and sunshine will do to your soul?  I firmly believe that warm weather has a direct correlation with peoples attitudes.  As the temps start rising, people generally become happy again.  This is fact.   Suddenly when you pass someone and ask how they’re doing, they want to stop and talk, not just grumble a quick answer without even slowing their stride.

Thinking about it, it’s so nice to see people out and about again!  Sounds silly, but we’ve all been hunkered down, riding out this winter in our warm cabins, and we haven’t seen some of our neighbors in months.  We’ve even seen a few boats pass by today on their way out to the Bay.  A little ballsy, I think, but I can totally respect their need to just get the hell out there and live again. Bet they regret it the minute they hit the Bay and the windchill drops the temps down by another 10 degrees.  It does feel good to hear a soft wake lap up against our hullls again.

Matt cut little port holes in our shrink wrap so we can actually see outside again.  It’s amazing what a difference it made to just see outside again.  The shrink wrap was cozy when we first had it put on… sort of like our own little cocoon.  Now we’re just over it and can’t wait to rip the damn thing off so we can be a part of the world again.

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