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That Funky Smell....

Now that the weather’s getting colder and we’re no longer leaving our doors wide open, we’ve been noticing that there are some funky smells going on in this boat. Worse, it’s a combination of smells all co-mingling together to create one heck of a stink.

The obvious – the smell of dog, coming from these lovely ladies. Not sure why, but they seem to be shedding a heck of a lot more lately too. Because shaving them bald is NOT an option, this is an odor that we have learned to live with thru excessive vacuuming and candle burning.

As for that cage looking thing the dogs are sleeping under?  That’s the new zero gravity chair Matt got for his birthday last weekend.  He likes to break it out for football Sundays.  Pro: it’s super comfortable.  Con: it takes up nearly our entire salon.

Ever since we turned on our heat, we’ve noticed a slight engine odor… like a mixture of grease and oil.  It’s not super strong, but it bothers me enough that I decided to put our bedroom up in the forward cabin instead of the aft cabin that was designed for the master.  Not too sure what to do about that one, other than investing in some tree air fresheners ala the Sloth scene in the movie Se7en.

Finally, there is the mystery smell, which is perhaps the most unnerving of them all.  It smells like garbage / rotten food.  Obviously not the vibe we are going for!  I emptied out the fridge, throwing out anything in question, and gave it a good scrub down with a bleach solution to kill anything funky goin’ on in there. Hoping that did the trick and we can move on from the rot stink. The fridge looks awesome now and the smell of bleach is a somewhat comforting smell :)

As a final attempt, we bought an ionic air purifier that claims to destroy bacteria, germs, and mold spores, remove cold & flu viruses, pet dander, smoke, pollen and more! Here’s hoping that this thing is the final nail in the coffin.

You can see from the lower left are of the picture we're still working on the floor project. We haven't been able to match the existing flooring, so we're going to tear it up and replace with something new. We're thinking a floating vinyl floor that looks like wood for it's durability and ease of installation. We've seen this on another boat and it looks really good. Until then, the rug is doing it's job covering up the eyesore that is our floor.

On a fresher note, our adorable niece and nephews came to visit us this weekend and saw the boat for the first time.  They had a blast exploring all of the secret compartments and have already picked out bedrooms for when they come back to visit in the summer.  I think we have our future crew members for our winters in the Caribbean!

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