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The Times, They are A-Changing

Well, we’ve made some big moves recently to go from the suburbs to the sailing part of life.  We’ve decided to rent our house and to move into a small studio apartment in Annapolis while we continue to look for a catamaran.  We’ve seen a few boats we were really interested in, but couldn’t make a move because we were still tethered down in the house with all of our stuff.  So, we’re taking the initiative to transition towards our goal.

Over the past week our house has gone from this:

To this...

From This:

To This:

Yep.  That’s about 1,200 sq feet of extra stuff that we’ve been storing in every nook and cranny for nearly 4 years.  There are a few things that became glaringly obvious to us as we sorted out all of this stuff…

1. I clearly have a frame hoarding problem.  I’m not giving numbers, but let’s just say it was enough to fill up two large plastic bins and 2 boxes.


2. Matt has an outfit for everything.  I will have some serious competition when it comes to closet space in our new place.  Let’s hope he can do one more pass before we actually get on the boat.

The huge pile in the spare bedroom is all in preparation for an epic yard sale we’re having in the next few weeks.  We’re selling everything we won’t need, and whatever doesn’t sell will be donated.  Nothing comes back into the house!

We have quite a craigslist cache going on as well.  We have furniture and other higher ticket items listed in hopes to sell them prior to the yard sale.  We had an interesting experience today with a buyer who wanted our bed, night stand and armoire.  We spoke with her over the phone and via email this past week and agreed on a price and pick up time.  We thought it was a done deal.  So, Matt being awesome, moved it all out to the carport for easy pick up.  After showing up an hour late, they (the buyer, her parents, and her brothers), decided that they didn’t want the pieces after all.  So now it sits looking all lonely and rejected out in the carport. Oye, Craigslist.

We've pretty much moved all any remaining furniture into our bedroom to live with for the next few weeks. It’s an eclectic collection!  We sorta feel like we’re in college again. This is the only furniture we’re putting in storage to come back to one day. Crazy.

One more thing we did this week was a relatively small act, but a big step in simplifying our lives.  We cut out cable. No more movies on Demand, no more HGTV, no more marathons of Wicked Tuna or Real Housewives of Wherever.  Instead we bought an antenna to pick out the 10 or so local channels we get around here.  I actually grew up without cable, so only choosing between WBAL, WJZ, NBC, PBS and FOX is pretty nostalgic.  However, I never remember our cable looking like this:

The dogs didn't seem to mind....

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