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Top Gifts for Boaters

'Tis the Season!

It's that time of year again and we've rounded up our top gift picks for the favorite boater in your life. Or for YOU, because, why not?

Please note that we're not being compensated for promoting any of these items - they're just really neat things that we like

Inflatable Life Jacket


This automatically inflating life jacket gives you peace of mind on the water and the slim profile sure beats those bulky orange ones! They look cool so you’ll actually want to wear one.


Yeti Tundra Roadie


This cooler is small but mighty!  It keeps ice COLD so your drinks aren’t swimming in a pool of lukewarm water at the end of the day. It also doubles as a great footrest at the helm. Cheers to that!


West Marine Go-Anywhere Seat $99.99

This chair can be adjusted from upright to fully reclined, and a handy mesh pocket in the back lets you stash small goods. We use ours at the beach, picnics, concerts, camping – basically everywhere! 


BOSE Micro Bluetooth Speaker $99.00

This fully waterproof speaker packs a whole lot of sound in a small size! It has a sturdy strap for hanging and can go 6 hours on a single charge. Your guests lounging on the bow can finally have their own music! 


Portable Jump Starter  $69.99

You get to your boat, all excited to spend a day on the water, turn the key on and ... nada. Battery's dead. This compact charger can save the day, plus have plenty of power to spare for charging your phone, tablets and laptop!


Orion Handheld Flares $35.99

These flares meet the US Coast Guard requirements, and are waterproof with a built-in protective handle. Because you don’t want to find out your flares are out of date during a DNR safety check!


GoVino Wine Glasses $12.99

These stylish “glasses” look like real glass but are actually made from a BPA-Free polymer that is shatterproof & dishwasher safe. 

Plus they’re a whole lot classier than those red solo cups!


LED Headlamp $39.99

This LED headlamp is an MVP in our books. Perfect for shedding light onto dark work spaces (handsfree!) AND illuminating the path to the marina bath house. 


Merry's Unisex Polarized Vintage Sunglasses $12.99

It's a bummer when you forget your sunglasses or look down and have your good pair slip off your nose and into the water. These not only look good on, but at this price you can stock up on a few extras to keep onboard!


YETI Tumbler w/ MagSlider Lid $29.99

We love these so much that we started giving these out as gifts years ago! Keeps your coffee hot, your beer cold, and your Captain happy. Available in over a dozen colors so you can't go wrong. 




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