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Under Pressure

Living the easy life is turning out to be pretty hard.  Sort of ironic, right?

This whole situation is getting kind of stressful.  Between trying to downsize our lifestyle, rent our house, and get everything with this boat situated, there have been many a tense conversation going on in the Sansbury household as of late.  

Our most recent has been trying to schedule dates to drive down to NC to have the new boat surveyed, then, drive down AGAIN to sail it back up to Annapolis.  I’m freaking out because I’ve had to rearrange or cancel several work trips since we’re at the mercy of the surveyors schedule or the title processing time.  Matt’s freaking out because he feels I’m prioritizing work instead of enjoying and savoring this experience. I keep arguing that this is a crazy busy time right now and he argues that I’ve been singing the same tune for months, if not years.  Hence the reason why we’re buying a boat.  To transition out of the Rat Race.  Err.  I must be more accustomed to running on that hamster wheel than I originally thought.

Man, I hate when he’s right.

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