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Where's the Beef?

As part of our New Years Resolution to become a healthier version of ourselves, we’ve made the switch to organic meat and produce. Although the fruits and veggies have been easy to find, it’s surprising how few grocery stores carry organic meats, especially beef.  So when Matt’s sister told us about a farm near her who sold grass fed beef by the cow, we were all about it.  We decided to split a share with a few other families and ended up with an 1/8th of a cow to call our own.

I don’t think we fully comprehended how much beef would actually be coming our way.

We ended up bringing home a huge cooler full of cow bits… so much that the lid would barely close.  Our freezer how contains:

3 chuck roasts

1 London broil

1 brisket

2 T bones

2 porterhouse

1 sirloin

4 rib steaks

1 tenderloin

1 flat iron

1 round steak

2 packs beef cubes

2 packs stir fry

1 rump roast

2 livers

2 bone marrows

22 1lb ground beef

That is seriously way more beef than I even know what to do with.  I’m going to have to research new recipes on how to use some of these cuts.  Guess Meatless Mondays are off the table for a while.  Ha… like we could  even consider that an option with so much grass fed goodness going on in our freezer.  

Thank goodness we have a massive freezer!  I’d been cleaning it out for a week or so before anticipating that we’d need the extra room. Even then, it all just barely fit.  We wrote all of our inventory down before we packed it away so we’d know what we were working with for the next few months. Also in the mix are a few deer roasts that Matt got from a co worker and some Bob Evans sausage in there for some good measure.  We are some serious carnivores, aren’t we? Fingers crossed that our freezer doesn’t go up any time soon!

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