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Winter is Here

Well, the day we have been dreading for the past few weeks is finally here… our first snowfall.

Normally, we would have been celebrating this day when we lived back on land… obsessively monitoring the weather reports and watching all of the activity outside thru our big bay window. Now, we (well, me at least!) worry about the slippery conditions getting on and off the boat and walking down the long and icy dock with two excited dogs who seem to be unaware of their spatial boundaries.

We knew it was close when we woke up last week and saw a thin layer of ice covering the water.

It’s only early December and this is already happening.  Not good.  To top it off, the entire dock was covered with a thin layer of frost that was extremely slippery.  We almost lost one of the dogs into the water when she jumped off the boat and nearly slid off the dock.  Funny now, but it scared the crap out of us then.  I think we're going to screw in a piece of plywood into the pilings across from our boarding ladder so that if the dogs (or one of us) slipped, we'd have the plywood board there to stop us from going straight into the water.  Add that to the ever growing list!  

I'm calling it now... This may if fact, be our first and last winter here on the boat.  It’s Bahamas or Bust next year!

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