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Yard $ale

We had our yard sale last weekend, and man, it was crazy!  

We had been busy in the weeks before going thru each room, bagging, tagging, organizing, etc, and were excited for the day to finally arrive!  I’m sure that the whole process would be much easier for anyone NOT trying to sell all of their possessions and move onto a sailboat, but ours was a daunting task.  We knew this would be the biggest opportunity we had to sell off most of our stuff.  I figured we should get somewhat organized before the sale, so I stayed home the day before to get to work.  In the morning, things were looking fairly in order…

By the time Matt got home and started to help, things were looking more like this…

Clearly I had lost some steam along the way.  By the end of the night our living room & office was looking pretty chaotic.  At least it was a (somewhat) organized chaos.  Corona was fiercely guarding her toy to make sure it didn’t get put out for the sale.

The day of, we were up bright and early.  Other yard sales down the street were starting at 8:00, so we started putting our stuff out at 6:00.  Duh. Sansbury time waits for no one. We had our first customer at 6:45, even before we had finished setting everything up! She walked away with several HUNDRED dollars worth of clothes.  Didn’t even try to haggle us down on price.  This blew us away because we had been warned repeatedly that yard sale-rs were notorious hagglers.  Trust me, we saw those too.

Glad we asked our mom’s to help out because things got crazy, and stayed crazy for most of the morning.  It was the one time we were actually happy to be living right on a main road.  We had done some aggressive marketing which consisted of two neon signs that read ‘Yard Sale.  TURN NOW!’  right before our road.  People were literally slamming on their brakes in font of our house.  At one point there was a traffic jam just trying to get onto our street.  It was glorious.

The really crazy thing is that people were buying pretty much everything.  Even things that we set out just because we didn’t know what else to do with it.  Old tools, odds & ends, stained clothing, pillows, etc…. they were all selling.  And the result?


Oh yeah.  Cold. Hard. Cash.  

Which lead us to thinking, Why the heck have we never thought about doing this before?? All of those scores of trash bags that we hauled away to the Goodwill or Salvation Army filled with name brand clothing, shoes, house hold items that didn’t match the new decor.  That was ALOT of $$ we had been giving away!  I’m sure much more than the deduction we claiming for it.

Around 2:00, we started just giving the random away for free, and were left with a small pile that we threw away.  It’s pretty funny to see the things we once valued so much sitting in a pile that strangers wont even take for free.

In the end we enjoyed a beautiful day, made some modest loot, met some good people, and spent some quality time with our moms.  Life is good!

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