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Rental Update

The burning question everyone is asking us…. Have we found a renter yet?

Sadly, no.  

We keep reassuring ourselves that it’s only been 2 weeks since our house has officially been on the market, and we’ve had ALOT of showings in those two weeks.  I think the running tally is somewhere around 15 right now.  If we’ve had so many showings, then why no applicants yet?  We’re getting frustrated because we like to see immediate results, and with someone coming thru every other day, we should have had at least one bite already, right?  Maybe we’re off price or maybe that special someone hasn’t walked come along yet and fell in love with the character of the house or the great neighborhood she’s in.  Who knows.  Until then, we’ll allow people to parade thru our house, snooping who knows where, and making us vacate for two hours a pop so they can have their 15 minute walk thru. Such is life.

While things are moving slow on the home front, they’ve picked up on the boat front. We saw a boat this weekend that we LOVED.  It was a perfect layout, beautiful finishes, lots of storage and large.  We’re talking 36′ long by 23′ wide!  It was a true floatilla. So the catch? The manufacturer, Charter Cats, has a less than stellar reputation with building quality.  They’ve received a lot of complaints on the structural integrity of their vessels, something extremely important if you don’t want your house to sink!  We’ve been reading the Bumfuzzle site for a while and they had an issue with blistering & delamination on the hulls of their Wildcat catamaran, also built by Charter Cats.  As much as it fit the bill aesthetically, priority Numero Uno is a sound vessel.

As we were off shaking our fists at the God of Luck, our amazing broker Tim, who is a co-owner of AYS where Matt works, recalled that the original model cat we wanted was a Lepoard 38.  These are extremely well built cruising cats that were either hard to find, or well out of our price range.  Turns out Tim sold a client an ’03 Lepoard 38 a few years ago, and reached out to him to see if he’d be interested in selling it to a fun loving couple with a touch of wanderlust and a limited budget.  OK, I added in that last part, but I’m hoping once they meet us, they’ll be inspired by our adventurous spirit and know that we’ll give their boat lots of love.  We’re hoping to look at the Lepoard this weekend and go back and look at the Charter Cat one more time before pulling the trigger and submitting a loan application.  Once we’ve been approved for financing, then we can really act on something that we like.

So our mantra continues to be, as it has always been, is that everything happens for a reason in life.  Sometimes you just have to have blind faith that it’ll all work out.

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