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The boat that *almost* was

We went to visit the boat again today to take one last look at her before the survey and sea trial next week.  I say again like we’ve seen it a million times already.  Actually,  this was only the second time we’ve been on the boat and we wanted some more time to look around, peak in every nook and cranny, and be 100% positive that we were ready to go thru with this plan.  Turns out our gut instincts were right on and she’s an awesome boat. Good thing since we’ve already sold most of our stuff and rented our house. Guess there’s no turning back now!

Once inside there is the galley to the left and the salon to the right. Err… I mean port and starboard.  The table drops down and there are additional cushions to make the couch area into one large bed. Did I mention the custom map of the bay on our table?  Just incase we need help getting home.  We probably need to learn how to read it first.

The galley’s pretty spacious with a surprising amount of storage.  We have a large top loading fridge/freezer just under the countertop, a stove /oven that runs on propane, and we even have a microwave.

For those who aren’t familiar with the layout of a catamaran, the area where all this is located is on the bridge connecting the two hulls.

The bedrooms and bathrooms are located in the hulls.  The STARBOARD hull is the owners suite, with one bedroom, bathroom, full shower and an office area.  The PORT hull has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.

How neat are these beds?  they’re like tree houses!

Loving all of the light in the hulls.  Even the bathroom has a small window to the water below. Imagine the view in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. Much better than the South River after 2 days of rain.  Blah.

The shower room.  What does a 250 gallon fresh water tank plus shore power equal?  Hopefully a hot shower each morning!

Lot’s of storage options.  Once we live aboard for a few weeks and get our bearings, I’m sure we’ll come up with a few creative storage solutions ourselves.

Yes, there are bottles of liquor everywhere.  The owner himself described the boat as a “Real Party Boat”.  Not sure what that means.

The bedrooms in the port hull are pretty identical.  Again, love all of the light that comes in thru the hatches. It doesn’t feel dark or closed in at all.

The owner just put a new canvas enclosure over the cockpit that sorta resembles a screened in porch. The outside table also drops down and converts the outside seating area into a bed for those nice nights to sleep outside.

Another thing we loved about this boat, is that the outside has so much space to walk around and has a really functional design!  See those strips in front of the window  – they’re steps up to the top of the boat that also double as sun shades for the salon.

Wonder if Kanye got his sunglass inspiration from the design …

Did I just compare our boat to Kanye?  Yes, I did.  It’s that cool.

Here’s Matt looking like he knows what he’s doing. Hopefully soon, we actually will know what we’re doing!  Ha!

Chatting it up with the owner, Bruce.  He seemed sad to let it go, but happy that it was going to a couple with an adventurous spirit.  Apparently we have that “Party Boat’ reputation to live up to, after all.  Oh boy.  I can only imagine the wild times spent by these two on this boat.

After we left the boat, we hopped on over to our marina to finalize the slip agreement.  That’s our slip at the end of the left pier where the large black sailboat is.  Perfect spot to get our large cat in an out of. I love this place because it’s so quiet and peaceful.

And finally, because we always try to squeeze every drop out of our weekends, THIS happened…

I am officially qualified in the eyes of the State of Maryland to drive a boat. Yeah, BOUY!

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